24 Hour Emergency Septic Services in Lewisburg, PA

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Over 30 years experience

Since 1987, Wolfe’s Septic and their team of licensed technicians have dedicated themselves to providing superior septic pumping services for residential and commercial clients throughout Lewisburg, PA. Whether you’re interested in installing a septic system on your property or you’re in need of routine maintenance and repairs, our professionals can do it all.


Your septic system is vital to maintaining a safe home or business that functions efficiently. Without routine preventative care, such as annual septic system maintenance and pumping services, sludge and floating waste will build up, reducing the capacity of your tank. This buildup can result in wastewater backing up into your home or business or worse, the need to replace your drain field, costing you thousands of dollars.

services offered

Septic System Maintenance
Septic System Repairs

Septic tank cleaning
septic pumping

septic inspections
drain cleaning

Affordable septic services

Luckily, our comprehensive septic pumping services are affordable, so our clients can always afford to give their septic system the care it needs. From septic tank and drain cleaning to extensive repairs and new installations, we thoroughly assess your system before we begin any work. This provides our team insight on the overall condition of your septic tank and other problem areas you need to be aware of. Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency services for times when the unexpected happens and you need immediate assistance. Equipped with the most advanced and efficient equipment, like large-capacity pumpers and a 100-foot hose, our professional staff works quickly to bring you the best service possible.


If you have concerns or questions regarding your system, schedule a septic system inspection by one of our experienced technicians today. Don’t wait until you’re left with costly damages, call our experts for dependable septic pumping services you can trust!